Library & Media Center

Hello and welcome to the FCCS library! Our team of invaluable volunteers is excited to be supporting the scholars again this year. Classes will be coming bi-weekly. “A” schedule will come starting October 2nd and “B” schedule will be starting October 9th.

FCCS library books have been donated or purchased through our partnership with Scholastic Books and Wonderbooks. Our goal is to provide the scholars with exceptional reading material. We encourage scholars to properly care for the books. We also would like to reduce the number of missing books.

Using our virtues, the scholars have been taught how to properly handle a borrowed book. Please encourage your scholar to treat the books with respect. Help them find a special place at home to keep their book to ensure it is not misplaced or damaged. They may not pass the book around to friends or siblings.

The most important virtue of the library is love. Encourage your child to care for the books as if they were their own. We look forward to helping all our scholars enjoy the library this year.


The Library is open 5 days of the week during the school year. It is available for class visits and teacher-directed use. Teachers are able to sign up online to bring their classes to the library during available time slots.  The Library’s hours may vary depending on the availability of volunteers. 


Books are checked out on a two-week loan, with the option to renew.  Parents, please help keep track of the due date for any books checked out. A scholar who does not have their library book may not check out another until it is returned. Each scholar is responsible for the book while it is checked out to them.
Grades K and 1st are allowed to check out one book at a time.
Grades 2-8 are allowed to borrow two books at a time.
Books with a green dot are intended for middle school age-level only.
To request a specific book, please send a note to

Lost or Damaged Books

Parents are financially responsible for replacing lost or severely damaged books. Notices for overdue books will be sent home at the end of every term.  Please help your scholar use the virtue of love to care for the books.   If a book is lost or damaged, please contact the Library at:

If a scholar repeatedly damages or loses books, library privileges may be lost.


Frederick Classical uses Alexandria library software for managing library inventory. To search the catalog, go to At this time, students and families do not have account access from home.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for? Try the Frederick County Public Library.


The Library is located in the center of the school near the student entrance.


Library Training will be available throughout the school year.  Please inquire about training by emailing

Book Donations

Thank you to everyone who donated books to our library.  We are currently at capacity and cannot take anymore donations at this time. 
For suggestions of high quality literature we would love to have on the shelves of our school library, please visit, a wonderful resource created by Dr. Perrin, one of our school’s classical education consultants.