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What is a Charter School?

A "charter school" is a public school that is given the freedom to implement a different approach to education than the regular public schools. Charter schools are not religious, and do not screen applicants in any way. There is no tuition. Parents who would like their children to attend submit an application. If there are more applications than there are slots available, a public lottery is held to randomly choose students. Currently, there are over 5,400 charter schools in America, serving over 1.7 million students.

What is Classical Education

How many students are in each class?

Do you have before and after care?

How do I enroll my child?

Who can enroll?

Do you have to go through the lottery every year?

Do siblings have to go through the lottery?

What if my child is not selected by the lottery?

Does the school provide transportation?

Are there extra-curricular activities?

What role do parents play at FCCS?