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The Lottery for the 2014-2015 was conducted on March 26, 2014. If you wish to place your child on the Waiting List for the 2014-2015 school year, please click here to register.

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The Frederick Classical Charter School offers a warm, inviting atmosphere where students are expected to comport themselves well and strive to meet high standards of academic excellence. We aim to educate "Renaissance men and women", who have a wide range of knowledge about all subjects and understand how each relates to the others. The design of the classical curriculum, which is based on teaching history in a chronological sequence, is unique among education approaches and achieves a high level of integration among subjects that is a hallmark of classical education.

Before and After Care

We have selected Clubhouse Kids as our before and after care provider.  To enroll your child, please visit their web site.  Please direct all payments, questions, and scheduling of this service to Clubhouse Kids.  The Frederick Classical Charter School maintains a third-party relationship with  Clubhouse Kids and is not responsible for the day-to-day operation of this service.

Dress Code and Uniform Guidelines

Frederick Classical Charter School maintains an official standard of dress that includes a school uniform.  All students are required to be in uniform whenever they are at school or at most school-related activities.  Our school uniform was chosen to achieve an attractive, business-like appearance for our students while also eliminating the problems associated with fashion trends and peer press.  For our full uniform policy, please click here.


Parents' Guide to Classical Education

For an excellent introduction to classical education, please read the following booklet.  It is important to note that our school's approach is not religious in any way and this guide was originally written for a religious school.  The references in the guide that pertain to religious instruction do not apply to our school.  Additionally, we teach Latin in grades 4-6 and our logic stage begins in fifth grade. Despite those differences, however, this guide offers the best introduction to classical education that we have found, and we think parents will find it useful for that purpose.

Excerpts from our application are available here


In addition, you may find our presentations to be helpful:

Frederick Classical Charter School 101 -- Overview

Frederick Classical Charter School 102 -- Beliefs About Teaching & Learning  

Reading Instruction

Science & Humanities

Orientation for Enrolled Parents




Also, we recommend that all enrolled and prospective parents read The Schools We Need, which is an excellent summary of many (but not all) of the ideas behind the school.

If you would like additional information, we'd love to tell you more.  Email us at or attend one of our upcoming information nights.