Volunteer Opportunities

Frederick Classical Charter School relies on parent and community volunteers to contribute to the success of the school.  FCCS families are expected to contribute volunteer hours regularly.  Please complete the school's volunteer training requirements at the beginning of each school year, or as soon as possible if you join the school mid-year.  Contact volunteer@frederickclassicalcharterschool.org for more information.  

Click here for 2018-2019 FCCS volunteer training presentation - review this presentation in its entirety before completing volunteer forms below.
Click here for 2018-2019 volunteer forms - print these documents, complete all forms, and return to the front office prior to volunteering in the school.

Click here for 2018-2019 FCPS volunteer training presentation.

The following list includes ongoing volunteer needs:

Committees - All committees are seeking additional participants.  Click here for Committee List.
Every School Day: AM and PM Car Line
Every School Day: Lunch Room, especially 11am-12pm
Band Assistance – No experience needed.  Contact Allen.gardner@frederickclassicalcharterschool.org.
Art Assistance - In school and at home help needed.  Assistance needed especially during Grades K and 1 art blocks.  Contact cara.beverage@fcps.org.
Library - Library volunteer information available here.
Informational Nights for Prospective Families - Help is needed to organize events, host, provide refreshments, set up, and clean up.  Contact admissions@frederickclassicalcharterschool.org.
Parent Education Nights at FCCS - Help is needed to organize events, provide refreshments, set up, and clean up.  Contact academics@frederickclassicalcharterschool.org.
Square One Art - Labeling paper and folders for Square One Art. Some of the tasks may be able to be taken home. Contact cara.beverage@fcps.org.