Dress Code Proposal - June 2018

Dress Code Draft June 2018 - Click Here

The Adhoc Uniform Committee has recommended that FCCS adopt the proposed draft of the FCCS Dress Code (please read the full document following the link above). The proposal includes:

  • Reorganized format to simplify the dress code document
  • Gender neutral definitions of uniform requirements
  • No change in the plaid school pattern or uniform supplier
  • No change to the jumper/skirt (there has been consideration to change Grades 3-4 to a jumper instead of skirt, but a change is not included in the current draft)

The Dress Code proposal will be discussed and voted on at the upcoming meeting of the Board of Trustees on June 20, 2018 - public comment begins at 7pm. For questions or comments about this proposal, please email the Board of Trustees at bot@frederickclassicalcharterschool.org.